Safe Food Handling

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All About Animal Welfare: From Farm to Fork

Food animal production is an important part of agriculture. Advances in farming, animal breeding, genetics and veterinary care have increased the quality, safety and quantity of animal protein available to consumers…

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Spin the “Sphere of Food Safety” [INFOGRAPHIC]

Food safety starts on farms, barns, groves, ranches and science labs—basically, it begins where food productivity is established and monitored. The farmers, ranchers, agronomists, botanists, veterinarians, various other scientists and…

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What is THAT Doing in My Food?

Have you ever heard the mantra “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it?” This saying may be popular among some fear-mongering food bloggers, but food scientists will tell you…

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4 Foods THIS Dietitian Never Eats

You may have seen it on fitness websites or on your Facebook newsfeed: the laundry list of foods that registered dietitians “won’t eat.” The list is usually about a mile long and…

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Food Safety Facts & Hacks: Cook

We’re back with more facts and hacks to make the food safety basics (clean, separate, cook, and chill) just a little bit easier. This time, we’re showing you why food…

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