A Guide for Starting Solids [INFOGRAPHIC]

a guide to starting solids_0.jpg

Your baby needs only one type of food for the first six months of life. Health organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding, or iron-fortified infant formula, for this first stage. But after that, things can get a little confusing. Many caregivers have questions about the process of starting solids. This infographic provides a simple timeline to help you make sense of the process of introducing solid foods.

Remember, not all babies follow the same timeline for introducing solid foods. Your doctor or registered dietitian can help you tailor the process to your baby’s nutrition and developmental needs. Make sure your baby achieves a few key developmental milestones before starting solid foods. Your baby’s birthweight should have doubled since birth. They should also be able to hold their head up by themselves, sit up with support, and hold food in their mouth without pushing it out. Typically, babies are ready to start solids around six months of age, though some babies may be ready a month or so earlier.

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