Associate Editor’s Note: New Beginnings


As the old saying goes, “The only constant in life is change.” The same is true for the Food Insight newsletter.

While the Editor’s Note normally appears in this space, sadly for us at the IFIC Foundation, the byline is changing. That’s because Lindsey Loving, who elevated this newsletter to new heights, has ridden off into the sunset—an analogy that she as a horse lover might appreciate.

As we wish her well in her new job, I will be keeping the editor’s chair warm until there is a permanent replacement.

In the meantime, this summer issue will offer insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors—some of them intuitive, some of them surprising—in the 10th anniversary edition of our Food and Health Survey. We will take you across the Atlantic as the IFIC Foundation plays a high-profile role related to EXPO Milano 2015, with its theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” We will hear from the experts about the pitfalls of “single study syndrome.” And we will tell you how IFIC Foundation research has shaped the debate around the proposed addition of an “Added Sugars” line to Nutrition Facts labeling.

Enjoy what remains of your summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) in good health and good taste!