Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich [INFOGRAPHIC]

breakfast sandwich_optimized.jpg

Welcome to the fourth installment of Food Insight’s Build Your Own Series! We are excited to share simple but tasty ways to spice up the healthiness of your favorite  foods. Next up is the breakfast sandwich — an option that’s a perfect start to your day (or anytime really!). If you’re new to breakfast sandwiches or just want to find more ways to enjoy one, keep reading.

First things first: choose a grain. Grains contain B vitamins, which play an important role in your body’s metabolism and nervous system. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend making half your grains whole, so reach for whole grain options like a whole wheat english muffin, whole grain bread or wrap your masterpiece in a tortilla.

Next up is protein, which can help you feel full longer, build muscle and support your immune system.  Eggs and cheese are classic breakfast sandwich staples, but if you’re in the mood to add meat or meat alternatives, try turkey, chicken or soy protein sources.

Let’s turn to vegetables. Vegetables can be an important source of under-consumed nutrients like folate, fiber, magnesium and vitamin A. While tomato and onion may come to mind first, you can certainly think outside the box for something like spinach! Whatever your preference, pile on the veggies for an extra nutrient boost.

Now it’s time to add a little extra to your sandwich. Options like avocado, black pepper or crushed red pepper can add great flavor without adding extra salt. Still not satisfied? Spice things up with low or no-sodium spreads, (hot) sauces or seasonings.

It’s time to finish your meal! Fruit is always a refreshing choice. Plus, they can provide essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin C,  which is important for your immune system and the absorption of iron. Try oranges, raspberries or a mix of your favorites in a fruit cup. You can’t go wrong with fruit!

When it comes to building a breakfast sandwich, the options are endless. Try any and all combinations and you’ll be set with new recipes for days to come. What a way to start the day!