Editor’s Note: April Activity


It’s April, and here in Washington, D.C., that means schizophrenic weather. One day it’s wool coats and sweaters; the next, you’re tempted to wear a tank top and shorts to work. If you’re like me, it also means that your allergies might be gearing up for yet another sniffly spring.

Thankfully, the overwhelming winter urge to hibernate is dissipating, and outdoor physical activity starts to sound less like a slog and more like fun.

Speaking of activity, we’ve been pretty busy at the IFIC Foundation. One item of special note: We will release our 2016 Food and Health Survey in May and, as always, we expect some pretty interesting findings and insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors.

In this issue of Food Insight, one data point from last year’s Food and Health Survey—the degree to which people are excited about the possibility of 3D food printers—features in the third installment of our “Foods of the Future” series.

We will also bring you the scoop on alternative flours, offer some tips on how to beat diabetes, get answers from a pediatrician about arsenic and rice, and take a look at how we caffeinate here at the IFIC Foundation. Spoiler alert: For me, the answer is “early and often”!