Editor’s Note: Gold Medals and Silver Anniversaries


2016 will be a big year for many reasons, chief among them being a historic U.S. presidential election, and Brazil hosting the first Olympic Games ever to be held in a South American nation.

Around our offices, 2016 marks another important milestone: the 25th anniversary of the International Food Information Council Foundation.

It would have been impossible in 1991 to predict the massive and revolutionary changes in food and nutrition that lay ahead, along with the advances in technology that allow us to communicate the science behind those subjects.

In this issue of Food Insight, we explore some much shorter-term food predictions and trends. We look at the role the IFIC Foundation plays in communicating the science of food and nutrition, as we celebrate our silver anniversary. We hear firsthand from the food and nutrition professionals the IFIC Foundation has helped shape through the Sylvia Rowe Fellowship. And we talk with an expert who explains everything you always wanted to know about protein but were afraid to ask.

From gold medals in Rio to silver anniversaries in Washington, D.C., 2016 dawns with the promise of progress and excellence, on many fronts. May it be a fruitful and successful year for you too.