Editor’s Note: Passages


Well, summer’s over. Maybe not “astronomical” summer, but summer as it exists in our minds.

The older I get, the more wistful I become about these kinds of passages. Not to be a Buzz Killington, but each of us gets only so many trips around the sun.

With the passing of the seasons, with the onset of each holiday, birthday, and other milestones on the calendar, it’s natural to ask ourselves if we have experienced enough, enjoyed ourselves enough, hopefully even improved ourselves a little.

I’m becoming more and more mindful of how precious time is and making the most of it. As I’ve previously written, part of that for me has meant becoming more mindful of my eating and overall health and wellness. In many ways, it has been at the core of everything else that has led to additional happiness and fulfillment.

It’s hard for some to believe, but it’s true: Eating right can be fun!

I’ve been able to balance a good, healthful diet with a few splurges on my summer travels. In this edition of the Food Insight newsletter, we bring you a few other tastes of summer travel. We take a look back at what has been a very good summer for GMOs. Plus, we’ll bring you a guide to the many wonders and varieties of tea, as well as some flavorful salt alternatives.

Until next time, make this fall—and every season—a great one!