Health-Promoting Foods

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The term “superfoods” has become all the rage. But what is a superfood, and is this term really even appropriate?

Turns out, the word superfood is not grounded in science, and instead we should be using the phrase “functional foods”. Functional foods refer to foods that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. There are a variety of foods that contain functional components or nutritients that are associated with health benefits and have been supported by scientific evidence and research.

What Is a “Superfood?” [VIDEO]

It seems like everything these days is labeled as a “superfood.” What exactly is a “superfood?” Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, professor at the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and professor of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics at Tufts University School of Medicine, is here to help.  Join us as Dr. Blumberg clarifies what “superfoods” are, why they are so special and where you can find them. In this short video, Dr. Blumberg offers practical advice on these questions so you can feel super about incorporating some of these “superfoods” into your diet!


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Functional Foods Brochure

Confused about a specific functional component? No worries! This comprehensive guide will walk your through the different functional components (ranging from beta-carotene all the way to zeaxanthin) to help you better understand  the different classes, components, sources, and potential benefits. Plus, this guide offers real-life tips on how to include these functional foods into your diet each day.


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What’s a flavonoid? You came to the right place! Read for more information about this potent class of bioactives that offer cardiovascular and cognitive benefits that can be found in foods such as dark chocolate, citrus, berries, nuts like almonds and peanuts, and soy.


Wondering how soy can benefit you, your parents, and/or your kids? Unclear about common soy sources and how to incorporate into various meals and snacks? Read this infographics to serve up soy for all ages!