How to Prevent an Easter Basket Blunder

Easter Basket Blunder_0.jpg

You made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, successfully navigating the high-calorie holidays without losing track of your healthy eating plan. Then … bam! Easter. It sneaks up on you, and suddenly you’re faced with baskets full of high-calorie treats like pastel eggs and chocolate bunnies.

The prospect of enjoying your favorite Easter treats without overindulging may seem daunting. But we have strategies to help you manage your holiday indulgences without overdoing your seasonal splurges.

Plan Aheadeaster basket with chocolate bunny and eggs

A little planning can help you easily fit a holiday treat into your meal plan. First off, it’s important to know your daily calorie goal. Keep a running estimate of your calorie intake throughout the day to make sure you’re staying on track. Use a calorie tracking app or a good ol’ fashioned mental tally.  Be sure to include your sensible Easter splurges in your daily calorie total and get the rest of your daily calories from a wide variety of nutritious foods. When your healthy eating style is meeting (but not exceeding) your daily calorie goals, a well-planned treat can’t throw you off course.

Eat Mindfully

Paying close attention to our internal hunger and fullness cues can help us avoid overdoing it on seasonal treats. For example, I’ve learned from experience that it’s never wise to face an Easter basket full of treats on an empty stomach. Slow down and take the time to savor your chocolate bunny. Remember to stop when you’re satisfied but not “stuffed.” This awareness of internal satiety cues, along with a good working knowledge of calorie content and proper portion sizes, is key to keeping splurges sensible. Mindful eating can help you gain confidence in your ability to easily fit an occasional treat into your healthy meal plan.

“Hop to it” and Get Active

Luckily, Easter happens to coincide with the start of spring. For most of us, this means that we finally get the opportunity to spend more time outdoors after months of being cooped up inside. Getting physically active, whether it’s outdoors or at the gym, can help us make room for Easter splurges. Looking for some inspiration to get active? Check out some of these fun ways to “torch” extra calories