How We Caffeinate at the IFIC Foundation

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We’re wrapping up Caffeine Awareness Month with one last post: How we get our buzz! Whether it’s coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, or even espresso and lattes, caffeine isn’t just a quick pick-me-up. It’s our morning mainstay, a tasty treat and even a daily ritual. 

I have two lattes each morning (one that I make myself at home, and one that I get from a coffee shop), plus the occasional soda. It definitely energizes my morning, but part of that is just getting up and moving to go to the coffee shop as well! Even if I’m not having caffeine for some reason, I’ll usually still get a decaf latte because I enjoy the ritual so much. —Liz Caselli-Mechael

I have about three cups of coffee with skim milk every morning. It’s how I start my day, but enjoying coffee every morning is also an important daily ritual for me. Smelling it, tasting it, and having it warm and energize my body is how I want to start my day. —Kim Reed

I have a cup of coffee (or two) every morning to start my day. It’s usually hot coffee in the winter, and iced in the spring and summer. Sometimes I’ll have a diet soda with lunch. I’m always careful to keep my caffeine for the morning or early afternoon, and avoid most caffeinated products late in the day because I want to be sure to protect my precious sleep schedule! The amount of caffeine in chocolate is not enough to give me a “pick me up”, so I save that mainly for a mid-afternoon treat or desert. —Liz Sanders

Quite simple. One cup of “Morning Joe” every day for breakfast, a soda for a pick-me-up at lunch time and a sip of black tea after hours. Even though it seems like a lot, it’s not even close to the 400mg/day recommendation for a middle-aged man. —Tony Flood

I caff up in a variety of ways- sometimes for energy and sometimes for enjoyment. My go-to faves are coffee, espresso, tea (Earl grey and matcha are my two faves), and lots of dark chocolate. I usually have a cup or two of coffee or tea in the morning and then a few pieces of dark chocolate spread throughout the day. A piece after dinner usually happens as well. On the weekends or one to two times a week, I may have espresso in the form of a latte, cappuccino or just plain ol’ espresso! —Megan Meyer

I’m actually really sensitive to caffeine, so I have to keep a close eye on my intake. Sometimes, even one cup of coffee can affect me. So most days, I enjoy some hot chocolate in the morning and some tea for dinner. Sometimes, I will get a flavored latte, but when I do, that’s the only caffeine source I will have for the day. On Fridays, I like to have a soda; it’s a treat for me, and signals the end of the work week and the beginnng of the weekend. —Kamilah Guiden

I don’t think I have “met” a tea I didn’t like. Green and black tea, rooibos and mate, Darjeeling and Earl Gray, they are all favorites and I don’t let a day go by without having 2-3 cups. Coffee on the other hand is a completely different story. I am a cappuccino and espresso fan, which limits the availability of a good cup of joe. I enjoy the taste of coffee rather than the buzz and will patiently and willingly wait for the right opportunity to enjoy the perfect sip. —Silvia Dumitrescu

I love my coffee first thing in the morning…followed by breakfast. It’s my “wake up,” and also something I can enjoy, especially when I can read a newspaper. Two to three cups of coffee in the morning is a mainstay. Occassionally, I will have an iced tea or diet soda for lunch and a diet soda in the mid-late afternoon is definitely an energy pick up. If I’m driving long distances or need to spend late evening hours on a work project, I will also have a caffeinated beverage. —Marianne Smith Edge

I tend to consume caffeine rather liberally throughout the day. I’ll confess I don’t keep a close eye on the 400 mg level (I’m a pretty big guy, so I probably tolerate most things better than other people), but my average daily coffee consumption is roughly in that range. Some days I’ll also have a caffeinated diet soda with a meal, or even an occasional energy drink, especially if I’m taking a long drive—and life would be far less sweet without a little chocolate now and then! I like the mental and physical boost I get, but I also enjoy the taste of beverages that contain caffeine. —Matt Raymond