INFOGRAPHIC: How Did Genetic Modification Get Us to Kale?

Kale- GMO! Header_3.jpg

If you’re like us, you’ve probably come across several people who are opposed to so-called “genetically modified organisms,” or GMOs. We prefer terms like “food biotechnology” or “genetically engineered” because, in reality, genetic modification has been taking place almost as long as human beings have been involved in agriculture.

A lot of the same people who oppose biotechnology sing the praises of trendy (albeit healthful) “natural” foods like kale. But chances are that very few of them realize that kale itself, as well as many of our other favorite vegetables, are is also genetically modified.

Our new infographic helps explain why, and it might just lay to rest some of the misperceptions and fears about food biotechnology. While we’re at it, we’ve included information on how genetic engineering is more broadly improving on some of the foods we eat.