My Secret (and Safe!) Ingredient for Better Running

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 birthday-sprint-triathlonWhen I was 43 years old, I started running as a midlife “experiment.” I ran seven 5K races that summer. That led to a few 10Ks and a 15K over the next couple of years. Finally, I completed a sprint triathlon right before my 46th birthday. 

Despite all of that, I don’t really feel like an athlete. I am like many other health-minded folks who are trying to be active, setting goals, and working toward them. However, I do think like an athlete and take advantage of some of the ways that nutrition can help enhance my workouts and results. I integrate science-backed steps – whether it is being hydrated, refueling properly, or improving my performance with caffeine.

I’m not a fast runner – I’m more like the tortoise than the hare. (Slow and steady “wins” the race!) So when I heard about caffeine for performance, I tried it and it really worked for me. A small amount was all I needed to help me focus better, run faster, and feel better during and after my run. I was thrilled that something so simple and safe could help me get more results out of my efforts.

Here’s what you need to know about caffeine and performance:


How much?

For me, 1 cup of coffee (about 100 mg caffeine) worked great. That’s well within the “moderate” amount that is considered safe (about 400 mg a day).



Where is it?

Caffeine isn’t just in coffee – it’s also in energy drinks and in smaller amounts in tea, colas, chocolate.



What about hydration?

Newer research debunks the myth that caffeinated beverages cause dehydration. In moderation, caffeinated beverages actually contribute to hydration


If you’re looking for a way to boost your exercise performance, you can rest assured that caffeine is a safe and effective option!