News Bite: IFIC Foundation Explores How Millennials (At Least Try To) Stay Healthy


Taking a deeper dive into the Millennial demographic, the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2015 Food and Health Survey examined Millennials’ opinions on healthful habits, the use of resources and information for staying healthy, and the value of certain nutrients. Comparing these results to the general population and among the different subclasses of Millennials, these data reveal Millennials’ insights, attitudes, and behaviors on topics related to health and nutrition.

The research uncovered Millennials’ barriers to maintaining a healthful lifestyle, whom they trust for information on health and nutrition, how Millennials are going digital to help with their fitness goals, and their shifting attitudes on the value of nutrients.

The research had several illuminating findings:

  • Stress and work are additional hurdles for Millennials to maintain or lose weight. Because of these perceived barriers, Millennials have unique coping mechanisms.
  • Millennials are more likely to seek alternative sources for trusted food information, such as family and friends or an app, rather than a medical professional.
  • Millennials are indeed improving their diets with help from family and friends, as well as digital technology.

You can read about the highlights of the research or take a deeper dive into the findings. More information is also available on the full results of the 2015 Food and Health Survey.