News Bite: IFIC Foundation Partnering with Popular Mobile Apps to Bring Health & Wellness Information to Consumers

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IFIC Foundation is expanding its reach through partnering with three popular mobile apps and websites to provide health and wellness information on issues such as protein, functional foods, and calorie balance.

E Fitness Hub, a popular mobile app, is designed to help consumers easily connect with fitness and health professionals to help reach their fitness and wellness goals.  IFIC Foundation will be providing resources and content for the E Fitness Hub blog and social media channels.

Quarterlette, an online community helping Millennial women prepare for the challenges they face during their quarter-lives. The website has been named one of the top 10 websites for Millennial women, and one of the top 100 sites for women by Forbes magazine. IFIC Foundation will be contributing new content for the website’s “Radiate” section.

Azumio, a leading health and fitness mobile app with more than 70 million downloads on both iOS™ and Android® platforms. Azumio is dedicated to improving people’s health and livelihood by influencing healthy behavior through the use of innovative mobile applications. IFIC Foundation will be contributing new content for three of their apps: 1) Fitness Buddy; 2) Instant Heart Rate; and 3) Sleep Time.