News Bite: Let’s ‘Unsaturate’ the Fat Talk

How to Eat Healthy Fats_0.jpg

Let’s play a quick game. What is an essential macronutrient that has become both a target for us to banish from our bodies and is commonly used as an adjective to describe physical appearances and/or feelings? If you guessed fat, you are correct.

It can be extremely disheartening to see and hear how this essential macronutrient is feared or avoided. Recently, headlines and some science have elevated the interest surrounding saturated fat with many touting that tried and true recommendations regarding specific types of fat may need to be rethought.

This article will dive into the background behind dietary fats, clarify the chatter and focus on unsaturated fats, and discuss recent recommendations from the 2015-2020 DGA recommendations. After reading the article, you will leave with information on what fats to focus on and where you can find these fats in your foods.

Check out the full article on the Eat+Run blog at US News & World Report to learn more.