News Bite: Microbiome Spotlight on Eat & Run


You may have played the fun ice-breaker game “3 truths and a lie,” but have you ever played this game through a diet and nutrition lens? This article gets pretty “gutsy” by focusing on an expanding and burgeoning field that, despite the mega amount of interest of interest it’s gaining, actually refers to tiny, microscopic bacterial communities known as the microbiome. If you are wondering what the heck the microbiome is, this article is also for you!

  • We’ll go through the science behind the microbiome
  • Discuss what the science shows about the relationship between the microbiome and diet
  • Cover some common myths and misperceptions that may have creeped into the dialogue about the microbiome.

Read this article featured on the Eat+Run blog at US News & World Report to learn more about the relationship between nutrition and the microbiome.