News Bite: New FACTS Video Gets to the Point on Food Biotechnology

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To address misperceptions regarding foods produced using biotechnology (also known as genetically engineered foods, or imprecisely referred to as genetically modified organisms or “GMOs”) circulating in the media, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation has released a new video resource, Food Biotechnology: Get the Facts, which provides quick and science-based facts about food biotechnology. These facts are provided by physicians who are experts in their fields, including pediatrics, women’s health, and allergy.

Contrary to a recent article in Consumer Reports, these experts’ testimonies reflect the base of scientific literature that has shown that genetically engineered foods are safe and do not cause adverse health effects or detrimental effects to the environment.  Alongside their perspectives, insights from the IFIC 2014 “Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology” are provided, which show that the most Americans believe food biotechnology has the potential to provide benefits to the safety and nutrition of the food supply, as well as sustainability and the environment. It is important to weigh the evidence and question claims that go against the established body of research, to ensure that communications about foods produced using biotechnology are balanced and science-based, and not sensationalized.

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