News Bite: Practicing Mindful Eating with Mindful Eat-Mojis

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With the increasing use of emojis, communication has taken on a new face (pun intended!).

I find that using emojis in my texts and emails conveys what I am thinking, feeling, or want to say with a simple image or face. Using emojis has really become an art, which got us thinking about how we could use emojis to better convey the concept of mindful eating.

Mindful eating is a process that engages your awareness about how the food you eat affects your feelings, emotions and body and has been shown to decrease binge eating, aid in weight management and positively impact your relationship with food

Mindful eating promotes:

  1. Slower eating
  2. Sitting down (somewhere) to eat meals
  3. Becoming more aware of hunger levels and cues

Using the new “Eat-Moji” scale will help me establish a more mindful relationship with my food and help me reach my health and fitness goals. To learn more, head on over to The Huffington Post.