Newsbite: Is it necessary to avoid all processed foods?

processed foods newsbite_0.jpg

There are so many misperceptions circulating about the science and technology behind making food more abundant, nutritious and safe. Because of this, the IFIC Foundation’s team of self-proclaimed food nerds, including RDs and PhDs, has launched a new digital creative campaign centered on sharing the science around our modern food system and around a variety of common processed foods. This campaign and an interview with Joe Clayton, CEO of the IFIC Foundation, was recently featured in WTOP.

The WTOP article highlights that not all processed foods are bad and that’s important to debunk some of the hype and hysteria generated around processed foods. For example, frozen vegetables, canned beans and fortified cereals are all considered processed foods. So are popular vegan and vegetarian staples like tofu and veggie burgers. These foods can be part of an eating pattern that is affordable, sustainable and nutritious. To learn more, visit