Nutrition Advice for Brides & Grooms: Commit to Health Together

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Summertime is here, and that means wedding season is in full swing!

If you’re a bride or groom in the midst of the planning process, you are probably anticipating all of the things you’ll do together as a married couple. But have you thought about how you will plan on living a healthy lifestyle together? Studies have found that changing marital status has an effect on body weight change. If you are making any healthy lifestyle changes, you know how much easier it is to commit to them when you have support.young couple cooking together

Here are a few nutrition tips you and your significant other can say “I do” to together: 

Go grocery shopping together

Buying groceries as a couple can be a fun way to spend time together and make nutritious food selections. Tips for choosing the healthiest food options include making a grocery list in advance and avoiding shopping while hungry.

Cook healthy meals

Healthy, home-cooked meals are the best way to control the nutrients going into your body, and they are often more cost-effective than eating out. Divide up the food-prep tasks and cook meals together to increase bonding time with your spouse. Select nutritious ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Cook your significant other’s favorite meal as a special surprise. And be adventurous by learning to cook new, healthy foods together!

Snack smartnutrient newlyweds infographic

Snacking can be a great way to manage hunger, control blood sugar, and add some extra nutrients into your day. Make healthy and pre-portioned options together in advance so that all you have to do is grab and go. Nutritious and satiating snack ideas commonly combine different nutrients together for extra health benefits, and our Nutrient Newlyweds infographic has tasty examples like yogurt and granola.


Staying hydrated has so many benefits, including controlling hunger and improving the appearance of skin. The amount of water you should drink can vary based on several factors including gender and activity level. Commit to staying hydrated together and keep track of your fluid consumption by drinking out of reusable water bottles or by using a smartphone app. And remember that it’s best to hydrate with water.

Indulge in treats

Healthy foods are fantastic, but treats make life just a little sweeter. Indulging in occasional treats together will help make the treats extra special. Plan a date together around enjoying an indulgence to make it extra memorable.

Making healthy decisions with your loved one is a great way to connect and work together toward a common goal, and working on these goals now will help you both improve your nutritional status leading up to the wedding and into your marriage.

So make a lifelong commitment together to good nutrition practices!