Our Health and Wellness Goals for 2016

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Once you are done decking the halls and the egg nog is past its expiration date, it’s time to start putting those New Year’s Resolutions to practice. If you aren’t sure what you want to focus on in 2016 or are looking for some additional ways to step up your health and wellness game, here are some ideas from the Food Insight team! Many of us want to get more active in 2016 while others (including myself) are opting for a nutrition-based approach. Both are important to maintaining a healthful lifestyle.

Liz Caselli Mechael: “My resolution is to be more consistent about getting physical activity. I’ve made lots of positive changes in my diet in 2015 (a bonus to working with RDs!) like adding protein and fiber, but my exercise routine has been feast-or-famine. Some weeks I’ve gotten in 4-5 high-intensity workouts, and some weeks I haven’t hit the gym once. In 2016, I’m aiming to make sure I get high-intensity activity at least twice a week no matter what else is going on.

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Laura Kubitz: “For my New Year’s Resolution, I want to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. I eat plenty of fruit, but sometimes skimp on the veggies. I think this simple change will help balance out my diet. I’m not going to vow to eat some fancy, big salad every day. Instead, little changes are key like eating some carrots and hummus at lunch or cooking some Brussel sprouts with dinner.”

Megan Meyer: For 2016, I am going to try to make a real effort to step away from my computer and go outside at least a few times per week. Taking a 15 minute walk around the block will not only clear my head, but I’ll be able to soak in some much needed vitamin D and burn some extra calories!

Kamilah Guiden: “For my New Year’s Resolution, I want to walk more. I love walking, but often find that I make excuses (specifically, that I don’t have time). Walking helps me to de-stress, and it’s a great low-impact physical activity. I plan to make small changes, such as walking to a farther metro station or going for a walk after lunch. My goal is an average of 20 miles a month.”person walking

Matt Raymond: “Like many people, I dread going to the supermarket: the shoppers obliviously blocking the aisles with their carts, the difficulty and time it takes to find certain items, the long check-out lines. So my current purchasing habits don’t lend themselves well to the kind of variety I should have in my diet, especially fruits and vegetables. In the New Year, I hope to make some changes along those lines and buy more produce, whether it’s fresh, frozen or canned.”

Josh Naumann (IFIC Dietetic Intern): My 2016 New Year’s resolution is centered on physical activity, particularly incorporating weight-bearing exercises into my daily regimen. Weight-bearing exercises are essential for gaining strength and lean muscle mass, important for helping me get rid of my little chicken legs. It’s crucial to follow a workout with a recovery meal consisting of protein for muscle repair as well as carbohydrate to stimulate the release of insulin, an anabolic hormone necessary for amino acid and glucose uptake.