PB and Join the Peanut Celebration

March is National Peanut Butter Month! (1)_0.jpg

Happy National Peanut Month! As someone who absolutely loves peanuts for both their flavor and health benefits, I am extremely excited about the idea of celebrating this delicious treat (and justifying the spoonfuls of peanut butter I ingest daily). Whether you like your peanuts in their butter form, as part of trail mix, or cracked from their shells, there are so many reasons to add a little more peanut to your life.

Its Health Benefits Are Nuts

Peanuts and peanut butter are quite nutritious treats. They are packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. A dietary study found that a diet high in peanuts and peanut butter lowered an estimated cardiovascular disease risk by 21 percent. Another prospective cohort study found that consuming peanut butter or nuts reduced the risk of women developing type 2 diabetes.

Peanuts are also great for weight loss and weight maintenance. A self-reporting study assessed the effects of nuts on weight maintenance and found that women who ate a serving of nuts more than twice a week gained less weight over 8 years than women who did not eat nuts as often.

It’s Convenientpeanuts

In addition to their numerous health benefits, peanuts are great when you’re on the go. Stash a jar of peanuts at your desk at work, or throw some peanut butter packets in your bag as you head out the door. Peanuts are totally travel-friendly.

It Plays Well With Others

Foods, that is. Many foods pair well with peanuts and peanut butter including apple slices, celery sticks and bananas. You can also add peanuts as a mix-in for lots of different meals and snacks such as:

  • Blended in a smoothie
  • Sprinkled on top of oatmeal
  • Mixed into trail mix
  • Added to yogurt
  • Tossed into a salad
  • Chopped up and mixed into a stir fry sauce
  • Added as a crunchy topping for soup

Peanuts’ versatility is one of the many things that make them a great food. So no matter how you eat your peanuts, celebrate Peanut Month with a handful of their healthy, nutty goodness!