There's more to process with processed food.

It’s no secret that some processed foods are calorie dense and contain more sugar, salt and fat than recommended. But are all processed foods created equal? Our goal is to uncover the facts and help process the science behind our food.



Which of these makes a burger? Pea protein or beef cow?

Some Plant-based alternatives are fortified with vitamins and minerals to offer some of the same nutrients found in animal meat.

Which builds a healthy meal? Bottled pasta sauce, dried spaghetti pasta, roast chicken, hard cheese, or broccoli floret?

Nutrient-dense meals have beneficial nutrients and can be achieved by combining packaged foods with fresh foods.

Which of these has added nutrients? Sliced white bread loaf, whole milk, eggs, or cereal?

Fortification ensures nutrients are in our food and fortified foods contribute to a healthy diet.

Which of these has 3x less sodium? MSG or table salt?

Replace salt with MSG for more flavor and less sodium (3x less!)

Which of these prevents hunger? Yogurt, beef jerky, protein puffs, or a protein bar?

When you’re hungry and short on time, high protein snacks can do the trick.

Which of these are loaded with nutrients? Frozen berries, beans, olive oil, whole grain bread, or mini carrots?

Just like fresh foods, some processed foods can be nutritious.

Which of these is a processed food? Sliced whole grain bread loaf, whole grain Rotini pasta, bowl of cereal, or a sleeve of crackers?

The whole (grain) truth is that these everyday foods are processed.

Which of these is the correct portion size? One square, two squares, or three squares of dark chocolate?

Your portion size may be different from the listed serving size.

Which of these has folic acid? a Slice of white bread, a portion of dried spaghetti, or a bowl of cereal?

Folic acid is added to enrich grain products, this process has reduced malnutrition and disease across the world.

What makes a good on-the-go snack? A protein bar or a banana?

Protein and fiber team up to make a great snack on a busy day.

Get your Vitamin C from foods you wouldn’t think, like foods with ascorbic acid!

Which of these helps you stay awake? Hot black tea, a can of energy drink, or a cup of black coffee?

The main difference between natural and added caffeine is where it comes from.