Snacking with Julie Hess, PhD [Podcast]

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For most of us, snacking is a fact of life. Whether we’re eating an apple at our desks or polishing off a box of popcorn at the movies, snacks can run the gamut from healthy sources of nutrients to occasional indulgences.

Despite being commonplace, the act of snacking can be surprisingly divisive—is it a bad habit, an essential part of a healthy diet, or somewhere in between? Mixed messages about snacks have spawned some confusion, and even some myths.

On this episode of DataDish: Your Trusted Serving of Science, Julie Hess, PhD (and a former IFIC Foundation Sylvia Rowe Fellow), draws upon her research to bring us insights into our daily nosh. Some highlights:

  • What is a snack? It depends on who you ask. Julie explains why it’s important to clearly define the term.
  • Are all snacks created equal? Snacks are like any other part of the diet. They’re not all the same—some are loaded with nutrients, others not so much. Julie gives us some recommendations on how to choose our snacks wisely.
  • Is snacking bad for you? Julie explains that snacking’s impact on our health may be about more than just nutrition.
  • Does it matter when you eat a snack? There actually is a best time to eat a snack, according to Julie. Her answer may surprise you.

Enjoy the podcast! And to learn more, check out our resources on smart snacking and mindful snacking.