Spin the “Sphere of Food Safety” [INFOGRAPHIC]

Food Safety- From Farm to Fork (1).jpg

Food safety starts on farms, barns, groves, ranches and science labs—basically, it begins where food productivity is established and monitored. The farmers, ranchers, agronomists, botanists, veterinarians, various other scientists and other food production specialists all work together to support the reliability of our food supply. These combined efforts are accompanied by our federal regulatory framework to consistently uphold safety and quality. Thank you, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)!

Safety practices continue even once fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy resources and livestock begin their journey to be processed into food products that end up on your grocery shelves or in a restaurant kitchen. These establishments follow guidelines for operation set by the FDA and local health departments. And, once the food is in your hand/home, you, the consumer, should also adhere to safe food handling practices.

Let our “Sphere of Safety” infographic clue you in on food safety facts from “gate to plate.”