What is IARC?

What do a cell phone and a career as a hairdresser have in common? Both could possibly be carinogenic (or cause cancer), according to the International Agency for Research on…

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Putting IARC Into Perspective

A vast body of information and research has grown regarding cancer. But for several decades, the illness was at best a mystery. This gave rise to knowledge-seeking organizations such as…

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The Truth Behind Nitrites in Your Meat

Nitrites. Fear the word! I am betting at some point in the endless ritual of perusing the internet, you have stumbled across the topic of nitrites/nitrates in food. You might recall a…

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Cutting Through the Clutter on Glyphosate

(UPDATED below) The news reports about the herbicide glyphosate in the last few months are enough to make you dizzy. The seemingly neverending back-and-forth of messages coming from a variety…

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