July 2016 Food Insight Newsletter

Sodium Reduction in the Diet_0.jpg

Why is Sodium Being Reduced in Food?

In October of 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made big news when it issued its final voluntary guidance for food manufacturers to reduce the sodium content across many…

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Water Conservation in a Drought_0.jpg
How Farmers Conserve Water in a Drought

A group of California farmers did the unexpected this year: They beat their water conservation goals. In spite of an ongoing drought and scorching temperatures, Western farmers continue to produce…

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Long Live the Papaya_0.jpg
How GMO Technology Saved the Papaya

Oh, sweet summertime. These long, hot days are the perfect chance to enjoy cool, refreshing fruits and vegetables. They keep you hydrated, are chock full of vitamins and are, of…

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