The 10 Best FACTS Blogs of 2015


Last year, the FACTS network was still in its infancy. This year, all your input and support has made us better and better. To celebrate a great year of working together, here are our 10 favorite pieces of 2015.



1. How Quinoa Affects Your Body In 60 Minutes

Every so often, questionable internet memes make you want to throw up your hands. But in this case, kept our hands on our keyboards to show exactly how this stuff gets out of control.


2. WHO Chimes in on Meats: What it Means for Your Health

One of the most panicked news cycles of the year, we were happy to be able to put the WHO IARC ruling in context (and no, you don’t have to ban bacon for life).


3. When Food Facts Devolve into Science Fiction

Otherwise known as ‘how food myths go viral,’ this piece took the example of a Dr. Oz ‘miracle’ weight loss pill to see how reality can be so different from social media.


4. The #1 Cleanse of 2015: Ditch the Detox Diets

4 good reasons that you absolutely don’t need to ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’ your body.


5. The Buzz About Caffeine [VIDEO]

If you’re one of the 85% of Americans who consume caffeine every day, here’s what you need to know.


6. Here’s What Your Diet Would Look Like If You Ate Based on Internet Headlines

Every day it’s a new ‘superfood’ or ‘poison’ headline. Dr. Allison Dostal, PhD, RD, compiles exactly what your diet would look like if you ate based on headlines (hint: pretty empty).


7. Biotech Foods are Safe. Says Who? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The best infographic to use refuting someone who says ‘we don’t really KNOW whether biotech is safe.’


8. Top Protein Myths for Gym-goers – Exposed!

Three of the most likely falsehoods to hear by the gym weight machines (and what to do instead).


9. 4 Foods THIS Dietitian Never Eats

The laundry list of foods that registered dietitians ‘won’t eat’ is usually about a mile long and contains any food product that’s not a leafy green, an “ancient grain,” or some “magic superfood.” Here, Liz Sanders, RD, MPH, tells you her real-life list of what she avoids.


10. 5 Myths About Your Metabolism

From snacking to sleeping to lemon juice, it seems like everything is supposed to ‘jumpstart your metabolism.’ So what’s real? In this piece, David Hu, MS, checked out the biggest myths and saw what science has to say.


Stay tuned for more of our favorites from the year throughout December, and more great content in 2016!