The 5 Best Food Insight Blogs of 2015


We’re almost at the year’s end, but we went back and found our favorite Food Insight blog posts of 2015.

4 Nutrients to Eat for Better Skin & Hair

1. 4 Nutrients to Eat for Better Skin & Hair

Ever wonder how some people achieve smooth skin and strong, shiny hair? While most assume it’s genetics or glam salon results, research shows that we may be able to eat our way to glowing skin and hair with the right vitamins and minerals.

What is monk fruit

2. Everything You Need to Know about Monk Fruit Sweeteners

You’ve heard of aspartame, stevia, saccharin, and sucralose, but monk fruit is the new low-calorie sweetener on the block.

Should We Be Nuts for Coconut Oil

3. Should We Be Nuts For Coconut?

Some say that coconut oil is a cure all, but the balance of scientific evidence doesn’t support the claims.

ESPN's Body Issue

4. ESPN’s Body Issue, BMI, and What Health Looks Like

ESPN’s Body Issue shows that size and shape don’t always define health.

Much Ado About Gluten

5. Much Ado About Gluten

Whether it’s the latest celebrity athlete or your mom’s best friend, it seems like everyone is talking about “gluten” and going “gluten-free.” So what IS gluten?

The year isn’t over year! Stay tuned for a few more pieces before December is over, and there’s more great content in 2016.