The Facts on Caffeine [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Facts on Caffeine_0.jpg

Caffeine is naturally found in many foods and beverages; along with coffee and tea, it’s also found in cocoa, kola nuts, guarana, yerba mate, and more than 60 other leaves, seeds, and/or fruits. While there are many sources of caffeine, the source doesn’t matter: It’s the amount that does. Healthy adults can consume 300 to 400 mg of caffeine a day, which equates to a little more than four 8-oz. cups of coffee.*

For more information on caffeine, check out our infographic, as well as our other sources on caffeine, including a Caffeine Fact Sheet and the Buzz About Caffeine video.  

*The amount of caffeine in a cup depends on the brew method, plant variety, and formulation.