The Top FACTS Blogs of 2016

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This year, the FACTS network had a lot of health advice to debunk and poor studies to evaluate. While we had over 50 blog posts on common misconceptions about food, nutrition, and agriculture, these 7 were our most popular.

Fast Take: Sucralose & Health

Another sour study on low-calorie sweeteners, but in our response to the Ramazzini Institute’s study, we reiterated the basics of a strong scientific research, and reminded everyone that the scientific consensus on the safety of low-calorie sweeteners is pretty clear: they’re safe and can be used as a tool for weight-loss and weight management.

A (Half) Dozen Reasons to Ignore the Dirty Dozen

Ah, spring. The flowers are in bloom, love is in the air, and the Environmental Working Group puts out its annual “Dirty Dozen” list, which features 12 fruits and veggies with the “highest pesticide loads” (only according to the EWG). Like always, we reminded everyone that pesticide residue is not a threat to consumers, as well as offer a fun factoid, specifically, that a child could eat 1508 strawberries in one day without any impact from pesticide residue.

Purdue University Sees What a “Ban” on GMOs Would Look Like [INFOGRAPHIC]

Purdue University’s study looked at the economics of genetically modified crops and found some interesting results. Say goodbye to GMOs and crop yields would go down, and food prices and greenhouse gas emissions would increase. Instead of saying adios, let’s say “hello” and “stay awhile” to GM crops.

GMOs Have “This One Weird Trick” for Eliminating Dangerous Mycotoxins

Ever heard of mycotoxins? If not, that’s a good thing. Produced by a fungi, it destroys plants, and if consumed, can wreak havoc on our health. But fear not, biotech corn to the rescue, which helps reduce mycotoxins, thus increasing food security around the globe.

4 Things You May Be Wondering About Sugars [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s a lot of talk about sugar, but is any of it true? We answered the most questions about sugar such as its effects on health, caloric value, and the ever popular “it makes kids hyper” myth. You’ll be happy to know that most of the chatter is just noise.

Try It Tuesday: Juice Cleanse Confessional

Detoxing has become a health myth phenomenon in the last few years, and a very popular one is the juice cleanse. Drinking only juice for a few days promises weight loss, more energy, and even brighter eyeballs. We tested the myth ourselves, but pseudo-science is really difficult to swallow. We tell you to put the glass down, and follow three easy tips for weight loss and health: moderation, balance, and variety.

Fast Take: Does the Latest Study Mean Organic Meat & Dairy Are Better for You?

You may have heard that organic meat is healthier because it has more omega-3’s. Well, while this may be true, the reality is that it’s marginal. Plus, organic meat is a poor choice of healthy fats, in general. You’re better off with an avocado.  

We had one great debunking-woo-and-putting-a-cork-on-pseudo-science year. And next year, we will continue being an advocate for #FactsNotFear.