The Top Food Insight Blogs of 2016


Throughout 2016, the IFIC Foundation has brought you the scoop on all things food. Let’s take a look back at our top posts from the year (based on the total number of views):


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New Dietary Guidelines: What Changed & What Stayed the Same

When the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines were released in January, we highlighted seven important things you needed to know. 



2016 Food and Health Survey: “Food Decision 2016: The Impact of a Growing National Food Dialogue”

In the 11th edition of the Food and Health Survey, we took a look at how political ideology impacts food decisions, what Americans think of GMOs, what Baby Boomers like to see on their plates, and how Americans are reducing food waste. 


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Science Sent: GMOs Are Safe To Eat

In May, the National Academy of Sciences said there is no difference in potential or adverse health effects in GMO crops compared to non-GMOs. In other words, GMO crops are as safe to eat as their non-GMO counterparts.


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Your Guide to the Updated Nutrition Facts Label

Not only did the Dietary Guidelines get a makeover this year, so did the Nutrition Facts Panel. We were there to explain what you needed to know. 



How Librarians Prevent the “Dunning-Kruger Effect”

Our resident librarian shared with us some tips on finding accurate information on the internet, which doesn’t always immediately point to the right facts. 


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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Eating for one is complicated enough. Try eating for two! This guide can help you navigate the grocery aisles when you are expecting. 


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What a Pediatrician Would Tell You About Arsenic, Rice, and Food Safety: Q&A with Dr. Claire Chehrazi

In April, the U.S. FDA released its risk assessment on arsenic levels in rice products. We got the low-down from a pediatrician to see what parents need to know about feeding rice to their kids. 


Stay tuned for more of our favorites from the year throughout December, and more great content in 2017!