Top 8 Articles on Partner Sites in 2016

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Last year, we featured articles that we published on our partner sites. We thought that we’d do the same this year as a nice way to reflect on our year at FoodInsight. This year, the IFIC Foundation continued its partnerships with Lifehack, Runtastic, and MyFitnessPal, and developed new partnerships with Elite Daily, Forbes, US News & World Report and The Huffington Post to author 35 articles on topics related to nutrition, agriculture, and health. See below for our top eight articles that were featured these influential platforms.

1. MyFitnessPal: 4 Steps to Break An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

With the New Year ushering the usual wave of crazy fad diet advice, we published this article to help readers develop a healthier relationship with food so they could make more informed choices to promote their overall health.

2. Lifehack: Go with Your Gut: The Science Behind Your Gut Bacteria

The microbiome, or your gut bacteria, is a hot topic in science these days. I don’t think attention and focus on it will die down any time soon. This article explored what the heck your gut bacteria are, detailed how to support your microbiome, and also addressed some common questions, myths, and misperceptions about this new and exciting field.

3. Forbes: You Probably Didn’t Know Smallholder Farmers Can Benefit From GMOs, Too

Another popular issue? Genetically modified organisms, aka GMOs. We published this article on Forbes to explain this amazing technology and how GMOs can benefit both large and small scale farmers by improving yields and crop resilience. Since the overwhelming majority of the world’s farms are smallholder (about 90%!), these advancements have a BIG impact.

4. US News & World Report: Face the Facts: the New Nutrition Label Is Finally Here

In May, the FDA ruled that the Nutrition Facts label is getting a bit of a facelift. The last time the Nutrition Facts label was changed was in 2006, so it was quite the news. This revision will include altering serving size amounts to better reflect current portion sizes, enlarging the calorie information font, removing calories from fat, and including added sugars information. Added sugars information will appear on revised Nutrition Facts labels on or before July 26, 2018, so stay tuned!

5. The Huffington Post: 3 Fast and Healthy Recipes, “Spiked” with Nutrition

Our first article on The Huffington Post featured three fast and healthy recipes in a video series format in collaboration with celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn. In addition to these videos, the article featured notable nutrients and information about key ingredients in each recipe.

6. Elite Daily: 5 Reasons Adopting The Mediterranean Diet Is The Easiest Way To Get Healthy

With the recent 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines promoting healthy eating styles, we developed this article to spotlight a popular and healthy eating style: the Mediterranean diet. This article covered five easy ways to incorporate this particular eating style into your daily routine.

7. Runtastic: 3 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating During Race Season

Since running races have gained in popularity (I usually sign up for one a year), we thought pairing the concepts of mindful eating with an exercise training plan would be a natural fit. This article defines the science-based concept of mindful eating and how it can help you promote your overall health, even when you are training for a race or particular fitness event.

8. The Huffington Post: Makeover Your Leftovers- Thanksgiving Edition

With the holidays in full swing, we created a three-part video series to help you makeover your holiday leftovers. Added bonus of making sure you eat leftovers? You will help to reduce the nearly 40 percent of food that is wasted each year.

Looking forward to 2017 and all the new topics that we can cover as on some of these amazing outlets!