“Tune in” with Intuitive Eating [VIDEO]

Intuitive Eating.jpg

Summer is finally here. For many, this means barbecues, vacations, celebrations, and relaxation.  Summer is a time to come out of indoor hibernation and spend time getting back in touch with nature and the great outdoors.  This summer, consider also celebrating and reconnecting with your natural hunger cues through intuitive eating.

Our bodies have the natural ability to know when they are hungry or full.  However, the distractions of the fast-paced world we live in today can make it easy to become out of touch with these internal signals.  Practicing intuitive eating helps us to be more in tune with our feelings of hunger and fullness.  This helps prevent things like eating out of habit or overeating to the point of feeling stuffed at a meal just because there was food left on the plate.  

Using a hunger scale can help guide you to a more intuitive eating style. This simple technique allows you to slow down and consider where you fall on the hunger scale before and during a meal, so that you can stop eating when you feel pleasantly full instead of overstuffed.  The “eat-mojis” in this video will guide you through the process. Happy eating!