February 2015 Food Insight Newsletter

Should We Be Nuts For Coconut?

Heart Health Month provides platform for understanding the science around coconut oil and health January has already faded in our rear-view mirrors, but for those whose health-focused New Year’s resolutions…

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3-D Food Printers Hit Home

Cornell robotics engineer Hod Lipson says 3-D food printing will give home cooks revolutionary new options for convenience, customization. By Lisa Palmer, Printed with permission from FutureFood 2050, an initiative of the…

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Recent Blog Posts

The most recent Food Insight blog posts address a variety of food, health, food safety, and food/nutrition communication topics. Be sure to check our blog regularly for the latest posts…

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Recent FACTS Posts

The most recent FACTS blog posts address a variety of current food, nutrition, food safety issues that are the subject of misleading information with the science-based facts. Be sure to…

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New IFIC Foundation Resources

IFIC Foundation regularly publishes new food safety, nutrition, and health & wellness resources for a variety of needs, including Qs and As, Fact Sheets, consumer research, and infographics. Check the…

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