September 2015 Food Insight Newsletter

Making Sense of the Science of Fat

This piece, originally published at, is a guest perspective by nutrition and diet expert Bonnie Taub-Dix and is reprinted with permission.  Fat has a bad reputation. There are many reasons for this, but…

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News Bite: IFIC Foundation in the News

Chemicals in food bigger concern for consumers than foodborne illness: survey Food Dive “Consumers have shifted their food safety focus from foodborne illness to chemicals in food, according to the…

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Recent Blog Posts

Food Safety Facts & Hacks: Chill Going Whole Hog with Food Safety Health is Wealth – Make it a Family Affair Food Safety Facts & Hacks: Cook Gather Around: What…

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Recent FACTS Posts

Going Back to Basics This Food Safety Education Month: What We’re Getting Wrong 5 Myths About Your Metabolism Food Trendwatch: Pleased as Punch for Poké? Is everything you’ve been told…

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