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Every Drop Counts

The use of natural resources such as water in food production is a sustainability issue that continues to be on the radar of many farmers, scientists and consumers. In many…

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Hydration: It’s a Fluid Situation

This is the second installment of a new video series in partnership with Osmosis, a group that focuses on health science education, highlighting the basics of several nutrition topics. Click…

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Processing the Raw Water Trend

Not even a week into 2018 and a new food fad has spread throughout social feeds and news outlets. This one was particularly surprising to me given that I spend…

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Testing the Waters of Carbonated Water

Earth’s most popular medium of life has recently experienced exponential growth in options at the grocery store. Sparkling, tonic, seltzer … there are likely a dozen more versions of H2O,…

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How Farmers Conserve Water in a Drought

A group of California farmers did the unexpected this year: They beat their water conservation goals. In spite of an ongoing drought and scorching temperatures, Western farmers continue to produce…

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