June 2017 Food Insight Newsletter

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Keeping Your Kids Hydrated and Healthy

Did you know that water is an essential nutrient? While it’s always important to drink enough fluids to stay hydrated, this habit becomes especially important in the summertime. It’s hot…

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What’s in the Dietitian’s Bag?

Registered Dietitian (RD): a food and nutrition expert who goes through rigorous academic and clinical nutrition training, culiminating in a standardized exam. When it comes food and health advice, RD’s will…

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6 Tips for Mindful Eating Video.jpg
6 Tips for Mindful Eating [VIDEO]

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to eat intentionally (especially when some of your meals are on the go!). Nevertheless, research shows that…

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Make Room for Legumes

What are Legumes? Legumes are the edible fruits, pods, or seeds of plants from the pea family Leguminosae. Sounds fancy, but you’ll probably find them in every grocery store, a burrito,…

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