April 2016 Food Insight Newsletter


Editor’s Note: April Activity

It’s April, and here in Washington, D.C., that means schizophrenic weather. One day it’s wool coats and sweaters; the next, you’re tempted to wear a tank top and shorts to…

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Recent FACTS Posts

Sign up for Food Advocates Communicating Through Science (FACTS Network) and help fight food myths and misinformation!  Relationship Advice: Wash Your Hands   A (Half) Dozen Reasons to Ignore the Dirty…

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Alternative Flours (1)_1.jpg
The Scoop on Alternative Flours

The minute that bag of flour hits the countertop, you know you’re in for something delicious. Warm, homemade bread, cakes and pastries are the epitome of comfort food. A great…

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2016 World Health Day: Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the “big four” non-communicable diseases, along with cancers, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory diseases.  In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide nearly one in 10 adults…

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