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The Top FACTS Blogs of 2016

This year, the FACTS network had a lot of health advice to debunk and poor studies to evaluate. While we had over 50 blog posts on common misconceptions about food,…

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The Top Food Insight Blogs of 2016

Throughout 2016, the IFIC Foundation has brought you the scoop on all things food. Let’s take a look back at our top posts from the year (based on the total…

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The 10 Best Partnered Blog Posts of 2015

This year IFIC partnered with a variety of health and wellness focused sites, like Azumio, The Muse, Lifehack, Runtastic, and MyFitnessPal, to author more than 25 articles. Many of these sites also possess an app feature. See below…

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The 10 Best FACTS Blogs of 2015

Last year, the FACTS network was still in its infancy. This year, all your input and support has made us better and better. To celebrate a great year of working…

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